What People Are Saying About Us

Brenda at AMR design has been incredible to work with. Her vision and skill have given us a beautiful new space in what we never could have envisioned. Her expertise is not only design, but layout and functionality.  We live in an older home and she was able to come in and create a more efficient use of the space while working within our budget.  I would definitely recommend her services to my friends and family!
~ Christa Boyd
Brenda is a real find.  She brought creative flair, time and budget saving ideas and excellent customer service to my condo design project.  I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, responsive approach to bringing beauty and functionality to your home renovation.
~ M
In my experience, it is difficult to find a designer that really wants to design for YOU. What fits your life and your personality… most importantly, what fits your budget. Brenda at AMR Design does both with ease. In fact, she suggested ways I hadn’t thought of to cut corners on cost that allowed for splurges that I really wanted. Her basement design utilized every square inch of space and the finishing touches are stunning. We have the ‘wow’ factor when you walk into our basement thanks to Brenda and her thoughtful design and touch. Many thanks!
~ Wendy Winder
Michelle worked tirelessly for us during our home renovations – always coming up with new ideas and fresh approaches. What we really appreciated is her ability to listen to our ideas as well. She could really sense when we had a clear picture of what we wanted, but was always there when we were stuck. She quickly assessed our style preferences and incorporated that into her approach and design. Like many professional couples, time is precious; Michelle is always flexible with her time and fit into our schedule. The combination of these skills allowed Michelle to quickly pare down the numerous options into simple choices for us to make – and once made she ran with it. We pinch ourselves every day as we admire our beautiful home Michelle carefully fashioned from vision to reality.
~ Shannon Van Dorp
One room we had trouble organizing was the mudroom. Even though we stacked things neatly it still looked messy and unorganized. Brenda bought a few baskets, a shoe organizer and two frames for the kids’ artwork and now the mudroom is not only functional, but also fun.

We needed our spare bedroom to be multi-purposed. It need to be a spare bedroom, a computer room/office, house our photo albums, fire boxes and all our games and puzzles. We couldn’t conceptualize how we could possibly make everything fit…but Brenda could. She bought a nice desk that we could put our computer and printer on and then an ottoman that could slide underneath the desk. She bought a nice bookcase for our photo albums and with some simple shelving in the closet we now have a place to store all our games and puzzles. Our spare bedroom is not only very functional, it is also a pretty room and actually looks roomy and not crowded. So Brenda achieved the impossible with this room.

I always wanted to have a tasteful family wall of photos. Brenda had some great ideas and it is better than what I ever imagined or could have done on my own.

Brenda had great ideas and we didn’t break the bank decorating our home in a style that suited us, yet flowed nicely.

~ R. Maurier