Four Reasons to Choose an AMR Design Preferred Contractor

While we are always happy to meet new contractors and work with client hired professionals, we also have a list of our preferred contractors that we make readily available to our clients. We have worked with most of these contractors for years which has created strong working relationships between us that can be very beneficial […]

Suite Additions: An Interview with Modworks Partner and Co-Owner Riall Laplante

Modworks focuses on a holistic approach, starting out with a discovery call to discuss your project and then seeing the project through to the completion. There are many considerations when building a garden suite such as bylaws, design, specialized construction details, etc. Modworks handles all aspects of design, permitting and construction. Each design is unique, responding […]

Understanding The Fine Print Of Working With An Interior Designer

It is a very exciting time when you hire an interior designer. The anticipation of seeing the final result can often keep our clients giddy for most of the project. But what happens when you receive a charge for something you didn’t expect? Or your project gets moved back because you forgot to respond to […]

A Tale of Two Clients

At AMR Design, our specialty is Full Service Design, however, we recognize that sometimes all someone requires is a bit of advice to move forward, or a designer in their home providing ideas that they can implement on their own. While this DIY service is not the bread and butter of our business, we want […]

2020 in Review

While 2020 was anything but expected, we ended up having a successful year at our firm. We found that many clients decided to re-route their vacation money back into their homes, making smart investment choices for the future. Below are some of our favourite projects that wrapped up last year. This beautiful home was finished […]

The number one question you need to consider before renovating your home

When new clients come to us, we have many questions that need to answered. Your style, your wish list, your budget and your lifestyle are all elements we need to take into consideration. But one of the very first questions we need answered is  “Why do you want to renovate?”  This question, while it may […]

An Ode To The Trends We Love

Our mantra when designing clients’ homes and businesses is “You In Every Detail”, so we don’t pay too much attention to the trends. We design homes based on our clients’ wish lists and add in a bunch of functionality along with it. But there are still trends we love and enjoy, and today we are […]