What to Expect Series: Session 5: The Details of Demolition

When embarking on a large renovation, there is usually some demolition involved. While this stage can sometimes happen quite quickly, there are some situations where it can be delayed and the cost can increase. As interior designers, we do not deal with the demolition ourselves, rather, that is the responsibility of your General Contractor. We […]

What to Expect Series: Session 4: Finish Selections in Renovations

The finish selection process is an exciting, fun, and sometimes stressful experience. If you have been through a renovation before, you may have reached this point and found yourself developing “decision fatigue.” Considering the sheer amount of possibilities when it comes to items to put into your home (from flooring and cabinets, to toilet paper […]

What to Expect Series: Session 3: The Details of Drafting

If you are embarking on a renovation or new build, then you are bound to run into a discussion about drafting. Floor plans, Sections, Drawings, Renderings … There are many different terms to understand prior to diving into what each drawing communicates. Below are some definitions of the most commonly used terms: One of the […]

What to Expect Series: Session 2: Contractor Vs Designer Roles in a Renovation

When assembling your A team prior to starting a renovation, it is helpful to understand all of the different roles. For starters, let’s break down some of the major roles involved in the planning and design of your project. A good working relationship between a General Contractor (GC) and a designer is key however there […]

What to Expect Series: Session 1: Planning your Renovation Before the Renovation Starts

Here at AMR Design, we are long-time believers in giving our clients and potential clients useful and practical information that can help them navigate a renovation or a new build. This is where the “What to Expect Series” comes in. We decided as a team to create this series to help our current clients understand […]

What They Don’t Show You on HGTV: Interior Design Reality Check

Interior Design has become more well known in mainstream society thanks in part to shows like The Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, and House Hunters. While these shows are fun to watch (and believe me, designers watch these shows too!) and the end product is often impressive, the journey to get there is far from what […]

The Case for Custom: 3 Reasons to Consider Custom Furniture and Upholstery

How many times have you seen the same sofa or coffee table show up across various homes on Instagram or Facebook? How often have you seen the same decor in multiple of your friends’ homes? Many retailers offer furniture and decor options with mass appeal…and the masses always buy. The problem this creates is that […]

How to Prepare for Your Initial Interior Design Consultation

Today on the AMR | Design Blog, we discuss some practical ways that you can prepare for your initial Interior Design Consultation. This consultation is a necessary part of starting our relationship off right with transparency, clear expectations and great communication. The design consultation is an important part of our process because it allows you […]