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We Live For Good Design.

We Live For Good Design.

Your Clients Deserve The Best

You want to invest in a functional space that is uniquely yours, with a one-of-a-kind spaces that truly reflect your company brand and rely on our innovative thinking, strong industry relationships, efficient processes, and attention to detail to provide you with an exceptional experience.


Credo Coffee Shop
Rice Howard Way

Starting with a completely raw space, AMR Design had to be creative in customizing this unique commercial space inside of the Kelly Ramsey Building on Rice Howard Way. As the property for an Edmonton based coffee shop, staying local was important to our clients. We worked with local vendors and artists such as Division.12 for the stools and chairs in the space. The lighting was instrumental in highlighting the unique architectural elements of the space, while still having functional lighting for the staff. We used custom millwork to hide the functioning kitchen where they create freshly baked treats for their customers.

The Centre for Posttraumatic Stress & Anxiety Treatment Ltd.

Our busy clients came to us looking for assistance in designing a psychological office in a newly built downtown office building. We laid out the proposed floorplan prior to the clients purchasing the space to ensure that it would accommodate their needs, both now and in the future as their practice grows. The clients needed a large office that would be private, inviting, and personal without being overwhelming. 


We arranged the flow of the space to maximize patient privacy, creating two entry/exit points so clients could leave their sessions in a private way, away from the main reception. The center core of the office is a public waiting area, reception, and kitchen space with the perimeter counseling offices maximizing natural light in each room. We were intentional in creating a large reception area with a moveable dividing wall so that it would work for group sessions or large gatherings.


We included a mixture of materials with the warmth of wood, colorful local art and a high/low mix of office furniture. The oversized logo wall was balanced out by the custom blue acoustic feature which draws the eye through the space to the large scale commissioned artwork. The moss wall (which also provides acoustic sound properties) and wallpaper combined with colorful area rugs and statement furniture come together to create a warm and multiple functional reception space.


As a full service interior design firm, we procured all furniture, decor, and office plants  as well as coordinated the move of products and existing office furniture so their business remained open and largely undisturbed by the big move.

AMR DESIGN commercial space colourful hallway with local art, modern walnut stools and sou

Our Clients

"It has been a pleasure working with AMR for the last 2 years. We loved the design plan for our basement so much that we had Brenda work on other areas of the house. Brenda has kids and gets that functionality and durability are key for our family. We appreciate that she wants to make the design work + look great!"


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