We Live For Good Design.

We Live For Good Design.

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While our firm largely focuses on residential projects, we also assist in commercial design as well. We have worked on a number of office spaces, a manufacturing facility, as well as a boutique coffee shop in the heart of downtown Edmonton. For more photos of our commercial portfolio, please contact us at info@amrdesign.ca


Credo Coffee Shop
Rice Howard Way

Starting with a completely raw space, AMR Design had to be creative in customizing this unique commercial space inside of the Kelly Ramsey Building on Rice Howard Way. As the property for an Edmonton based coffee shop, staying local was important to our clients. We worked with local vendors and artists such as Division.12 for the stools and chairs in the space. The lighting was instrumental in highlighting the unique architectural elements of the space, while still having functional lighting for the staff. We used custom millwork to hide the functioning kitchen where they create freshly baked treats for their customers.

amr design COMMERCIAL SPACE.jpg


Our Clients

"It has been a pleasure working with AMR for the last 2 years. We loved the design plan for our basement so much that we had Brenda work on other areas of the house. Brenda has kids and gets that functionality and durability are key for our family. We appreciate that she wants to make the design work + look great!"