Designing During a Pandemic: Why it isn’t Really “Business as usual” Just Yet

When the country shut down back in March of 2020, we had no idea what this would mean for our industry as a whole. Try as we might to keep everything “business as usual”, it was hard to ignore the signs that things had changed from where we were just a few months ago. Our team was split up into each working from home, separated from our usual routines, but we adapted to make it work and continued our projects nonetheless.

As manufacturers and retailers have started to open back up, we would love to say things are back to “normal” but we’re still not quite there. In today’s blog post, we are sharing how our industry has been affected by the pandemic and why we are hesitant to give the “all-clear” just yet.


As everyone flocked to their computers to purchase their items to avoid stores, we created a worldwide backlog for the postal service. While things are starting to even out a bit with Canada Post and other shipping companies, we are still experiencing delays when it comes to shipping. We anticipate the delays to worsen as we near the holiday season and hope they level out again in early 2021 (who else is SO ready to say goodbye to 2020?)


The amount of backordered items is more than usual right now. Manufacturers are being careful in what they produce and in reduced quantities, so there are definitely more delays than we are used to. Backordered items are a pretty normal occurrence in the design world, but there has been a pretty clear increase since the pandemic began. We are sourcing Canadian made items by local artisans more often now to avoid this issue (as well as the shipping problem!) and we are excited to expand our network to new and exciting artists, wood workers, and creators.


We always double and triple check inventory levels before we present an option to our clients (because what is worse than a client falling in love with a product only to find out it isn’t available?), but more and more we are noticing that inventory levels are not always accurate. Everyone is working with fewer staff and resources so this is bound to happen. Again – another great reason to move to the local scene where we can physically go and see inventory in person to do our double and triple checks to confirm availability.


What kinds of changes have you noticed within your work industry? We would love to hear your stories! Drop us a line below in the comments section!

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