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Entertainment Acreage

Nothing says multi-purpose quite like a space that can host high-end executive evenings and arts and crafts activities for the little ones—and that’s exactly what these homeowners needed. A young and vibrant family, our clients wanted a space that felt light, airy and functional for the day-to-day, but also matched an upscale energy for business gatherings. 


Bringing together stylish form and every day function, we used thoughtful space planning, vibrant décor and custom furniture to meet this family where they are. With layers of texture, colour and patterns, the personality of the entire family carries effortlessly through this home. 


Our highlights - 


  • Custom barn doors for an entryway that makes a stunning first impression 

  • Built-in shelving on either side of the feature fireplace to house coveted keepsakes 

  • A statement powder room featuring coloured tiles, eye-catching wallpaper and gold accents that pop

Entertainment Acreage.webp


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