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With Teamwork And Collaboration,
Beautiful Results Are Achieved.



Favourite Part Of My Job:


I love that moment when the client first walks into their beautiful finished space and I can see the pure joy on their face. There is nothing better than improving someone’s day to day life and learning how they can transform their lives with design!

"What Is The Best Part Of Your Job?"

AMR DESIGN Brenda Brix_Principal Designer.jpg

AMR | Design is one of Alberta’s leading interior design firms and is an award-winning team with more than 20 years of experience. Our extensive construction knowledge allows us to design homes with a practical and trained eye that amaze and delight our clients. Having the power of an entire firm behind your project means you get the best of each of our strengths to oversee your project.


All AMR projects are closely overseen by our Principal Designer, Brenda Brix, in collaboration with her hand selected team of professionals.




Favourite AMR project to date:


I love the timeless design of our Mid Century Modern Makeover project. The cedar ceilings paired with the malm fireplace creates a warm and welcoming mid century design. I also love the custom wood cabinetry used throughout the kitchen!




Favourite Part Of My Job:


Interior design is so personal!

I love seeing the new ideas for each individual project our team and clients come up with.

See our residential projects here.




Favourite Part Of My Job:


I love the flexibility that my job provides! I chose to come back to the workforce after 6 years at home with my kids and I feel very fortunate to be a part of a team that focuses on a great life/work balance philosophy. To learn more about what makes AMR Design a great place to work, check out our blog post here.

Our firm members collaborate with local artisans, contractors, artists, and craftsmen to create one of a kind, unique, and beautiful designs that surprise and delight our clients. These partnerships create new opportunities for a design centered approach to your home that always focuses on your individual needs, functionality, and your prefered aesthetic.

We follow processes that allow the journey of your project to be an enjoyable one, with less stress and responsibility than if you managed your project alone. This process creates clearly defined goals, detailed budgets, and regular communication that encourages accountability and transparency.

Our Clients

"Brenda was integral to the entire process of designing and building our dream home. She collaborated with the contractor during all stages of the construction and was directly involved in the selection of all the finishing products. Brenda ensured that our greater vision was supported throughout the build and that everything moved along seamlessly. She and her team sourced all the furniture, fixtures, and décor items to fit the style of our new home. It was a pleasure to work with Brenda and the talented AMR Design team and we are absolutely thrilled with our dream home!"

- C.Q

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