What Happens When You Hire an Interior Designer?

When you decide to embark on renovations or build a new home, many big choices need to be made. Who to hire for your project should be one of the first few decisions you make and whether to hire an interior designer or not should be a decision made early on in the process. Whether you need a little help, or you want us to manage the whole process for you, AMR Design can help. Below is more information about what kinds of services we can offer our clients to help get to their dream home.

Comprehensive Interior Design Services

Our Comprehensive Interior Design Service is for the client who does not want to lift a finger. Whether you are building new or renovating your current home, AMR Design can manage the design process for you. We have long standing relationships with vendors, trades and suppliers and we are involved in many projects from start to finish.

Our process starts with the Design Consultation where Brenda will learn about the scope of your project, your style, and your goals for your home. This two hour working meeting is time for you to get to know Brenda, her plan for your home and her style. These discussions help form the Scope of Work. We will also use this time to go over our contract with you and answer any questions you may have about the process. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, we move into the Research, Design and Presentation Phase of our process.

During this phase, we will be working hard behind the scenes to start designing and planning your home step by step. We will prepare drawings, preliminary furniture plans, and rough budgets with our contractor, allowing us to complete a detailed walk-through with our trades before any work commences.

During this time, we will also begin sourcing selections. This can include anything from cabinets to lighting to fabrics. Because we offer comprehensive interior design services, we are happy to take care of this entire process for you as you can trust that AMR Design will make expert decisions on your behalf. If you would like to be involved, Brenda is happy to include you in the selection meetings with our vendors and suppliers.

It is important to note that this phase takes a lot of time, but we are systematically working through our process to cover every detail for a complete package. This is a necessary step to ensure that your project is going to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible

We will then present our design plan to all decision-makers.

During the final presentation, we will finalize the design budget and collect the deposit on the products to be ordered through AMR Design.

After everything has been signed off, our Project Management Phase begins.

Great things take time! From this point until the construction is complete and/or the furnishings are delivered, you will be waiting awhile to see the final transformation (this time frame can vary greatly depending on the project). During this time, we will be having site meetings and walk-throughs with your contractor at your home to keep the project running as smooth as possible.

There are a lot of moving pieces during any renovation or design project – we manage all of them start to finish so you don’t have to. We have long-term, reliable relationships with a multitude of local trades that allow us to deliver outstanding results.

Our creative solutions and hands on service will ensure that every project finishes with happy clients and a HGTV-like reveal of your new consciously designed home.

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The Design Consultation

Whether you purchased a new home or you want to refresh your current home – we can help. If you just want some advice and a plan in place so you can tackle your design projects on your own, a Design Consultation is a great starting point.

Our one-time, two-hour design consultation is a working meeting which means we cover a lot of ground from paint color selection, space planning, furniture/accessories selection, as well as decorating recommendations for the future.

It’s perfect for the hands-on homeowner who’s looking to achieve a fashionable home without the cost commitment associated with full service design.

Some things that can be discussed during our Design Consultation:

  • Your goals for your home
  • Space planning and layout
  • Products and finishes
  • Using items you already own to create a new look
  • Recommendations on our preferred vendors

Brenda will take the time to get to know you and your style and will answer all your design questions during the two hour meeting. The investment for the Design Consultation is $500. If you still need some additional help after the consultation, 10-hour blocks of Designer Time can be purchased for a flat fee of $1750.

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