The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing a Home Gym

As most commercial gym spaces are still closed to the public in Alberta due to the Covid19 pandemic, many people are creating home gyms to continue with their workout routines.

While in some cases, an extra bedroom may suffice for a home gym, doing it “properly” requires more planning and consideration. If you are thinking of creating a home gym, read on for our tips of do’s and don’ts!

DO plan ahead

As with all renovation projects, planning ahead is crucial. You will first want to consider the location of where you would like to set up your gym. If you are using a basement, it is especially important to ask yourself “are the ceilings high enough?” If you plan on putting an elliptical machine in your home gym, you will need more headspace than if you were putting in a stationary bike. Will the space be a dedicated home gym or do you need it to also house the occasional guest (Murphy beds are a great option in this case!)  Make sure you also take the time to plan out what activities you will do in the space (Yoga? Bowflex?)  as this can help determine how big of a room you may need.

DO Consider Flooring

The most ideal option for flooring in a gym is rubber gym flooring. While it is on the pricier side, it can be comforting to know you have the right protection underfoot that can handle sweat puddles and heavy weights being tossed around. If you are not big into weight lifting, cork flooring would also work. It is antimicrobial, durable, and comfortable to move around on, but it shouldn’t have heavy weights dropped on it on a regular basis.

DON’T skimp on lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in your workout, and again, planning ahead is key. Considering what workout activities you will do in the space may change how you want the space lit. It is a good idea to have some overhead lights for general lighting. You could also incorporate some wall sconces so you don’t have ceiling lights blaring in your face when you’re stretching on your back or in savasana after a good yoga session. Putting your lights on dimmers could help with this as well.

DON’T forget about the bathroom

After a great workout, we want to jump into a shower. A few years ago, we designed this bathroom with our client’s after-workout showers in mind.

We incorporated a steam shower so our client could enjoy a mini-steam session after his workout. If a steam shower isn’t in the budget, consider other ways to create a spa-like experience post workout.

DON’T assume your equipment will fit

We recently finished this home gym for our clients’ new home and we held off on putting up the glass panels until the equipment was in place. This made the move in so much easier and we ensured that everything was getting in there without issue. Gym equipment can be quite large, especially if it is already assembled, and it can be difficult to maneuver around doorways and stairwells. Measure twice to make sure you will be getting your equipment in place without any trouble.

DON’T forget those finishing inspirational touches

This is purely personal! If you enjoy having a mirror in your workout space to watch your form, consider putting in floor to ceiling mirrors. You may also want to reflect on inspirational quotes or images that motivate you during a workout. Another thing to consider is if you want a TV to play workout videos. Perhaps a podcast playing on your airpods is more your thing. Take the time to consider how you workout prior to designing your home gym so you can ensure it is personalized to you.

DO plan for storage for the specific needs you have

Depending on the amount and type of equipment you use, you will likely need to think about storage requirements as well. Where will you put the yoga mat and skipping rope when not in use?  Do you need a bench to sit on at the end of a long workout? What about water bottles, running shoes, exercise balls, etc.? Having a place for everything means you will spend less time looking for lost equipment and more time reaching your fitness goals.

Do you have a home gym or would you like to create one? What would you want to see in your home gym? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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