The Do’s and Don’ts of Living Room Design

For many people, the living room is truly where they do most of their “living”. It can be the place where you curl up to watch a movie with your family, the room where you have your morning coffee, and the space where you invite your family and friends into your home for conversation and connecting. With a room that is so multifaceted and multi-functional, you will want to ensure that it is reflecting your style as well as being functional for the whole family. In today’s blog post, we are sharing some of the do’s and don’ts of living room design from our expert Principal Designer, Brenda Brix.

don't underestimate the importance of lighting

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of proper lighting in any room – but especially in rooms that function for so many different purposes. In a multi-function room like this, it is helpful to consider light “layering” – that is, using a mixture of general (overhead), task (a desk lamp) and ambient lighting (a table lamp on a dimmer setting).

do get a big enough area rug

One of homeowners’ biggest decorating dilemmas is “what size of rug do I need?” and the answer is a resounding “bigger than you think!” In a perfect world, all furniture legs surrounding the carpet would be on the area rug, however, having all the front legs on the area rug works in a pinch. This helps to anchor the space and ensure the rug is not floating around in no man’s land.

While we are on the topic of rugs, we would also highly recommend getting your rug treated to avoid stains. This is especially true if you have pets or kids and the possibility of spillage or mess is higher.

don't use disproportionately sized artwork

Art can have such a major impact on a space, but when it isn’t sized correctly, it can actually be quite distracting and unattractive. This is usually the case with artwork that is too small for a wall or space, but it can be equally unappealing when artwork is hung at the wrong height. 

Designer Tip: Go big or really small if you are not sure so that the scale becomes impactful and deliberate – hang the piece off center and play with it. Use your gut judgement! For one large piece, hang it at the height where it’s center is at eye level.

The Power of Colour

do invest in quality pieces

We highly recommend investing in good quality pieces when it comes to the items you will use frequently, like armchairs and sofas. These are items you will be sitting in, moving around on, laying on, etc., for many years to come, so you’ll want to protect your investment by buying high quality pieces that will not warp and change shape due to frequent use. Many custom sofas can also be created with performance fabrics that will allow liquids to bead on top for easy clean up. Again, this is particularly important if you have those sometimes messy fur or human babies in your household.

Designer Tip: If you need to balance out the investment, you can always purchase more economical pieces for less frequently used items like side tables and accessories.



don't forget your personality

If your living room does not speak to your style and personality, it won’t ever feel complete. Inject your personality through the use of your favourite colours, patterns, and textures. Use family photos to showcase your heritage and pride. Never underestimate how a personalized home can feel even more like HOME.

do hire an expert

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused on how to put your living room together, enlist the help of an expert – an Interior Designer. Interior Designers can open your eyes to ideas you never thought of, come up with custom storage solutions, and access higher quality materials. Working with an Interior Designer allows you to access these better quality materials that many of our vendors do not sell directly to the public.

If you’re interested in launching a living room project, or whole home renovation, book a free discovery call with us to find out how having an Interior Designer on your team can help you create the living room that inspires you and completes your home.

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