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If you have never worked with an Interior Designer before, no doubt you have some questions about how it all works. Is it an ala carte situation? Do you only offer one service? What if I don’t need full-service design and I want to do some of the work myself? Thankfully we are here to clear it up. We offer a range of services for our clients to meet individual needs. No project is the same and what works for one client may not work for another – so we have a customized approach for our clients to choose the best fit for their needs.

Option 1: full service interior design

This is our speciality! If you have had an opportunity to view our portfolio and you want the same finished look of styling and staging, then this is the service for you.

You are a busy professional – perhaps you have children as well. You do not have the time to coordinate everything involved in successfully completing this project. You want to rely on the experts to create the finished result for you with as little stress as possible. 

All Full Service Interior Design Clients follow our same process of “Project Initiation”, “Research, Design and Presentation” and “Project Management” as outlined later in this document. Our team is fully involved in the concept, creation, and management of your project. Trust the experts to  deal with all aspects of your renovation so you can focus on what you do best in your life!

1 Cedar ceiling mid century modern living room

How long will it take?

Timelines vary based on project scope but we generally ask clients to contact us for their initial consultation 3-8 months prior to starting their project. We break down our Full Service Interior Design  into three phases (“Project Initiation”, “Research, Design and Presentation” phase and “Project Management”). Once the consultation has been completed, we will ask for our contract to be signed and a retainerto be paid to begin the project.

Option 2: ten hour design package

If you have the time and the resources to carry out the logistics of a renovation (for example calling vendors, booking installations etc), but you want assistance with the overall design, perhaps a 10 hour package would be better suited for your project. You want a well designed house but perhaps have a smaller budget and want to offset costs by doing some work yourself. 

This is 10 working hours of our Principal Designer’s time only – no project management or administration cost is included. You may purchase as many 10-Hour Design Packages as you feel you need to get the job done.

How long will it take?

Timelines will vary based on our firm’s workload, scope of work, and client’s ability to book services required to complete the design. The 10 hours of designer time are valid for one year from purchase.

Our client hired us to create a design and share our vision and they were able to carry out the work, transforming their downtown loft into a trendy industrial style home.

option 3: design consultation only

You have a small project or just need advice on paint colours, furniture placement, or where to shop for items for your home. You can purchase up to three consultations before moving to a 10 hour package or our Full Service. 

Clients are encouraged to take notes during the consultation and be prepared for the consultation with their wish list, in a space free of distractions.

How long will it take?

Our Initial Consultations are 2 hours long. From there you can implement your project as you see fit! If you need some more guidance along the way, you can book another consultation, purchase a 10-hour package or move up to our Full Service Interior Design.

Service level comparison chart

To help you decide which service level is right for you, we have created this comparison chart on what each service level provides:

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