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Refining Beautiful Homes to last a Lifetime

AMR Design is proud to offer our clients their first choice in a wide range of indoor and outdoor design services, including home renovation, interior design, kitchen and bath design and much more. Our team of experienced, reliable and high-quality contractors is here to assist you in turning your deisgn into a reality


"We are an established Edmonton general contractor with a proud history of quality craftsmanship and expert project management. Quadrant has the expertise to facilitate client-centered design and the experience to implement a variety of projects."


"Relationships, quality craftsmanship, value and education form our vision.  This is the future of construction. We understand the importance of details, believing that planning and transparency are paramount."  


"We specialize in custom renovations, new builds and commercial tenant improvements. When working with us, our clients will not be confined by what is only available in the store. Rather, we get to design and create custom products that will work best for the budget and lifestyle of the client to transform their vision into the space they’ve always dreamed of."


"We have decades of expertise in new home construction and know the true mark of a good home is what is behind the walls and under the floors.  We build each home with pride and are not willing to put our name on anything less than a quality build."

If you are a contractor or a customer looking to get in touch with our interior design team, please use the link provided. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have, provide quotes, and help you find the perfect design solution for your space.

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