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Do you crave long term value in your home – both functionally and aesthetically?


By selecting quality products and workmanship, we know that your investment will increase your daily enjoyment of your home as well as the monetary value.  


We begin every new relationship with a discovery call where we find out why you want to hire a designer, and how this project will enhance your life both now and in the future.

Our clients trust our expertise and process to deliver a home that exceeds their expectations, minus the headaches of managing a large project on their own.

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Trends End But Style Endures.

Our Clients

"AMR demonstrates the benefit of having a luxury designer with a construction background from requirements gathering, to design, to build, to completion.  They interlock in an ecosystem of vetted renovation builders, appliance sellers, sub-trades, and suppliers in an informed, efficient, and dependable way.  This exceeded our expectation of a full-service design firm. It is their combination of communication, the psychology of understanding us, memorizing and managing all the details of decisions and information, organization, the math of measurements, and a wicked design eye."​


M.N | P.N

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A Well Designed Home Can Change Your Life.

You are looking to challenge fleeting trends in favour of bespoke, timeless, and carefully curated designs that are both functional and luxurious. You will be intimately involved, informed, and advocated for throughout our project relationship, without the burden of managing the details.

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