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How Can We
Help You?

Every new relationship starts out with a discovery call.


During this pre-scheduled conversation, we will learn more about you and your project. Think of this as a chemistry call to determine our compatibility. 

  • Learn about our process, fees, timeline, and scheduling availability

  • Determine feasibility of project based on the rough scope of work and overall investment

  • Discuss next steps to launch your project

Full Service Design And Decorating

Our Full Service Design and Decorating Process launches as soon as you purchase in an Initial Consultation. The investment for an Initial Consultation is $795.00 + GST. This meeting is a jumping-off point where we will spend up to 2.5 hours with you to learn all about you and how we can design an impeccable home that functions seamlessly for you, while also being a visionary marvel.

  • We have three distinct phases that we follow for each project that keeps you informed and up to date on all the details without the stress of leading the project.

  • We bring to your project our own ecosystem of trusted local contractors, artisans, and craftsmen with some of these relationships spanning as long as 10 years. These collaborations result in impeccable results with a focus on the details and authentic materials.

  • We take care of all the details so you are not burdened with months of overseeing the process.
    Managing your design and decor project is our job, not yours. 


  • Our detailed, intimate, and thorough design process results in the execution of a shared vision in a meaningful way that is unmatched by other design firms.

Modern marble midcentury kitchen

Project Timeline


Looking To Collaborate?

If you are a realtor, builder, or contractor looking to collaborate on a project or future projects, book a call with our Principal Designer to discuss how we can work together.

Have More Questions?

Our Clients

"It has been a pleasure working with AMR for the last 2 years. We loved the design plan for our basement so much that we had Brenda work on other areas of the house. Brenda has kids and gets that functionality and durability are key for our family. We appreciate that she wants to make the design work + look great!"


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