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Craft Your Vision: Building Your Dream, Inside Out

Building dream homes where luxury and functionality seamlessly merge, creating spaces that reflect your unique story 


Powered by your vision, we nurture an environment where your new home or business reveals its distinct character, comfort, and customization – paving the way for unshakeable confidence in your choices. Our seamless collaboration with architects and builders, enhanced by Brenda's robust background in building and engineering, ensures an open and refined design process, culminating in your home that is nothing short of extraordinary.


Every element is meticulously hand-picked for you, designed for enduring craftsmanship and modern practicality - mirroring your core values, personal style, and functional needs.


Moreover, we encompass deep respect for a 'Uniquely Yours Interiors’ ethos, steadfastly believing your home should reflect your individual's tastes and lifestyle.


Creating Your Unique Story


Our bespoke, concierge-style interior design service stands as a testament to our adeptness in combining form with function - a proficiency honed over decades of hands-on experience. Our design approach leans towards the construction of uniquely welcoming environments. Each project we undertake is deeply rooted in our guiding principles that true opulence is gauged by intentionality, superior quality, and originality.


Rather than repurposing a signature style, we invest our diligent efforts into understanding you and your vision, ultimately weaving it into the core of our design concepts. We're advocates for a thorough process that fosters flexible yet meticulous creativity, with you in every detail.

We stand by your side, shaping moments of inspiration into tangible design from the initial blueprint stage to the furniture's final placement. It's more than creating a new home - it is a celebration of your vision.


Inclusive Interior Design


To see the exceptional results we have delivered for our clients, we invite you to explore our stunning portfolio. Our creative design, rich textures, and indulgent elements speak to the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that you can expect when you choose AMR Design.

amr design Conceptual design planning floor plans_edited.jpg

Looking To Collaborate?

If you are a realtor, builder, or developer looking to collaborate on a project or future projects, book a call with our Principal Designer to discuss how we can work together.

Have More Questions?

Our Clients

"I have worked with Brenda and the entire AMR team on several projects - some very challenging in terms of logistics and schedules. AMR have not only risen to the challenge but made the process painless from start to end from planning and completing drawings and choosing finishes and design elements that always complemented our taste and the budget. They are professional, flexible, highly creative and no-nonsense who gets things done!
End results have always been fantastic!"

- L.B

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