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Unleashing the inherent beauty of natural materials, our custom tables epitomize the raw elegance of stone and wood. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our dedicated team collaborates with local artisans to create pieces that exude unparalleled beauty and sophistication.


By choosing our custom tables, you not only enhance your space with exceptional design but also support and preserve traditional artisanal skills for generations to come.

Work with the AMR | Design team to create your perfect console, coffee and side table, selecting a stone unique to you.

Serenity Collection

Stone Console Table


A Serenity Stone Console Table is a timeless piece that will elevate your space and infuse it with an exceptional design that exudes enduring natural elegance, as well as provide functionality for years to come.

Pick your stone to make it your own

Length: 54"

Depth: 13"

Height: 32"

Starting at $4950.00 CAD

Stone Coffee Table


A Serenity Stone Coffee Table are exceptionally designed natural furniture piece from stone, metal and wood for a classic, yet versatile, addition to your home.

Pick your stone to make it your own

Length: 48"

Depth: 36"

Height: 16"

Starting at $6850.00 CAD

coffee table.jpg
20230915_Brix Furniture_20_edited.jpg
Stone Side Table


A Serenity Stone Side Tables are custom made artisanal collection that occupies space with the bespoke furniture market as a classic and modern offering.

Pick your stone to make it your own

Length: 18"

Depth: 18"

Height: 16"

Starting at $2950.00 CAD

Lets Create

Crafted with impeccable care and unique-to-you stones, elevate your space your individual masterpieces by AMR | Design.  

20230915_Brix Furniture_23.jpg


Your personalized stone selection for consoles, side tables, and coffee tables will transform each piece into a stunning stand-alone work of art that reflects your distinct style.

Select from Onyx, Quartzite, Granite, Marble and Soapstone


Once the stone selection and number of furniture pieces have been defined, we provide the final price of the product including shipping.


The total must be paid to start production.

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