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Brix&Co was designed to celebrate what truly matters. Brenda Brix, CEO & Creative Director of AMR Interior Design had spent years selecting custom pieces for her clients’ designs. After surviving cancer, Brenda embarked on a mission to create a line of custom tables that aligned with her values,  including artisan workmanship and environmental stewardship. Through Brix&Co, we seek to preserve these ideals for generations to come.

Serenity Console Table.jpg


Unleashing the inherent beauty of natural materials, our custom tables epitomize the raw elegance of stone and wood. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our dedicated team collaborates with local artisans to create pieces that exude unparalleled beauty and sophistication.


By choosing our custom tables, you not only enhance your space with exceptional design but also support and preserve traditional artisanal skills for generations to come.

Work with Brxix&Co to create your perfect console, coffee and side table, selecting a stone unique to you.

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