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Brenda Brix

Owner & Creative Director

With an affinity for interiors, Brenda Brix is the Owner and Creative Director of AMR Design. Our fearless leader and creative visionary, Brenda founded the firm in 2010, driven by a desire to integrate construction knowledge into interior design. 


Drawing on a diverse educational background, Brenda holds a BSc in Molecular Genetics from the University of Alberta. She later went on to study Residential Interiors at U of A and Drafting at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). 

Growing up tagging along with her father to work, Brenda has always had a deep connection with the world of construction. Her father instilled in her a thorough understanding and appreciation of the trades and engineering principles, fostering a passion for the industry. This upbringing, combined with her inherent love of architecture and textiles, has greatly influenced her creative journey.

Brenda has an innate intuition for understanding clients' needs and desires. Her design philosophy? That a home should be a haven - a place where you can exhale the day as you walk through the door. From her point of view, well-designed spaces have the power to transform lives and therefore, should be viewed as a thoughtful and worthy investment in living well. 

When you get to know Brenda, you’ll find that she’s got a sarcastic sense of humour and straightforward nature that puts people at ease. A breast cancer survivor, Brenda is passionate about mentoring other women entrepreneurs and uplifting them in their careers. 


In her free time, Brenda finds the greatest joy in spending time with family and friends in nature—often hiking, kayaking or reading with a hot cup of java while overlooking a serene landscape. She loves travelling to explore how others live and how housing supports that lifestyle. 

Favourite Part Of My Job:


I love that moment when the client first walks into their beautiful finished space and I can see the pure joy on their face. There is nothing better than improving someone’s day to day life and learning how they can transform their lives with design!

"What Is The Best Part Of Your Job?"                            

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