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A Tale of Two Clients

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

At AMR Design, our specialty is Full Service Design, however, we recognize that sometimes all someone requires is a bit of advice to move forward, or a designer in their home providing ideas that they can implement on their own. While this DIY service is not the bread and butter of our business, we want great design to be accessible to everyone. Today we are breaking down two different types of clients so you can determine which service may fit your needs.

Client 1: Full Service Design Client

  1. You are too busy to dedicate the time it takes to undertake a design project

  2. You are not interested in design or decorating but you need the project done, or you are interested in design and decorating and want to have a home-like the ones in our portfolio

  3. You trust the experts

  4. You have chosen a reliable and trusted contractor, or would like to use an AMR Preferred Contractor

  5. You are ready to jump in and hand the project over to us (don’t worry, we will be in frequent contact with you and everything will be reviewed and approved by you before we start the project)

  6. You are ready to make an investment in your home

Client 2: DIY Initial Consultation Client

  1. You are someone with time to dedicate to a design project

  2. You are taking on a small renovation or decorating project

  3. You’re interested in design and decorating and want to be a part of every decision

  4. You plan to be your own contractor, or use a family friend

  5. You want to source and order materials or your own, but just need a bit of help getting started 

  6. You want to manage the project yourself 

  7. You are ready to jump in on the planning of the project but want the freedom to implement whenever you are ready and have time.

  8. You simply need some guidance and then you are happy to execute on your own

The Process

Either way, our process starts the same: with a Discovery Call with our Principal Designer. This call, also known as a “chemistry call”, is where we determine if we are the right fit for one another. This is also a great time to ask questions, discuss timelines, and share the details of your project and your expectations of working with a designer.

After the Discovery Call, we would book an Initial Consultation. Every project starts with an Initial Consultation, which is a 2 hour working meeting on site (in your home or office) where we can discuss your project in detail. If you will be a DIY client, then you will need to take your own notes at the Initial Consultation. If you are looking for Full Service design, we will take the notes for you.

Full Service Design Process

This is our holistic approach to designing spaces where we are involved from conceptualization to completion. When you bring AMR Design on board for your project, you are handing the details to us to work through so that we can provide you with a complete package to sign off on. 

During the Initial Consultation, we will go through our letter of agreement with you and provide a retainer amount that we will require to get started on your project. We take all the information gathered during your Initial Consultation and come up with a conceptual plan to share with you. Once the initial plan has been finalized, we move onto the details to provide you with our plan for a fully functional, beautiful home, including all the specifications that will work within your project. 

After you have provided approvals, we get to work ordering products and your contractor will get started on your project. Throughout your project, we will be having site meetings and visits to ensure that everything is going the direction as expected.

DIY Client Process

If you are interested in having design advice only, you can still book an Initial Consultation with us after determining that that is the right route for you during your Discovery Call.

Should you determine that you still need more advice after the Initial Consultation, you can book up to two more (for a total of three) Initial Consultations.

If, after the first Initial Consultation, you determine that Full Service Design would be a better fit for you, we can discuss setting you up with our letter of agreement and retainer so we can switch to that service.

Once you have collected all the advice you need, you are welcome to proceed according to your schedule, budget and timeline.

If you have a question about working with us as your interior design firm that you would like to see answered, please email


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