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Four Reasons to Choose an AMR Design Preferred Contractor

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

While we are always happy to meet new contractors and work with client hired professionals, we also have a list of our preferred contractors that we make readily available to our clients. We have worked with most of these contractors for years which has created strong working relationships between us that can be very beneficial when taking on a project with AMR Design. We have listed a few reasons below.

A Seamless Start

When we work with our preferred contractors, we can get a seamless start on your project by knowing how to best share all of our preliminary information with one another. We often have clients come to us without having decided yet on a contractor and that’s okay! Together we can select one of our preferred contractors to get your project started.

We begin to run into issues after a few weeks have passed since our Initial Consultation with no contractor chosen. If a client then chooses one of our Preferred contractors, we can get moving through our process fairly quickly. If a client chooses a contractor we have not worked with we will need to spend some important time working through each others process in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you, the client. This can add extra time to your projects timelines. This leads us to another positive aspect of working with our contractors…

We Already Understand Each Other's Process

We have worked hard to create a three phase process to guide our clients through the design journey. When we work with our preferred contractors, we don’t need to spend extra time learning each other’s process as we already have that understanding. The interior design process can be rigorous and may take more time than a contractor is aware of – especially if they have not worked with a designer before. 

Working with AMR preferred contractors reduces the start time with projects by allowing us to hit the ground running.

Communication is Top Notch

Regular communication with our preferred contractors and their project managers ensures your project details are regularly reviewed. Our system shares calendars and folders for each project with our preferred contractors. When working with a new contractor, we can sometimes have a few false starts –

  1. Do they prefer email or phone calls?

  2. Who are their prefered suppliers and how do those suppliers work?

  3. What product do they carry?

These are all discussions we have with a new contractor, but it means an extra step that needs to be taken before we can even start communicating on your specific project details.

Trust and Quality

Our preferred contractors have been chosen because they provide quality work and we enjoy working with them. They have created long standing relationships with trades that we trust and know the quality work they will produce for our clients. However, it is your choice what contractor you choose to hire and we know there are many great contractors out there that we have not had the pleasure of working with yet. We are always looking for awesome contractors to add to our preferred list and the quality of their work is an important factor in this decision.

Final Thoughts

We always prefer a holistic design experience where we can be a voice for our clients with the contractor. While it doesn’t happen often, we have come across contractors who just do not want to work within our process or do not want to collaborate with us. This is disappointing for us and our clients, but it does not make your project impossible! If a contractor does not want to collaborate with us, there may be extra time and fees spent to have separate meetings from the contractor in order to ensure your project reality matches our vision.

If you are a contractor, interested in collaborating on a project, we would love to hear from you. Please book a call with us by using this link.


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