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Buying A Home? Why Real Estate and Interior Design is a match made in heaven

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

The connection between realtors and interior designers may not always be obvious, but our expertise has a lot in common and there is definitely a benefit in bringing on both roles when you are searching for your forever home. Realtors are the best people to help you find properties that will fit your wish list when it comes to neighborhoods, number of bedrooms and square feet required etc.

Interior Designers pick up where realtors leave off. An Interior designer can help you see the bigger picture when it comes to potential properties. We can help paint that picture of where your furniture would go using an ideal layout and how much the space would open up if you added a window or doorway to the space… We have the design vision and we can share it with you!

Below are 3 ways that we can help you while searching for your dream home.

We will gain a deep understanding of your needs for your home.

As interior designers, we understand the needs of our clients. We get to know you intimately and

what you require for your next home. By gaining a strong understanding of what you truly need from a home, you can reduce the number of viewings based on what you actually need in a property (which for many buyers, they sometimes don't know). This would also reduce search fatigue for you and your realtor.

We are trained to examine spaces and identify their pros and cons when it comes to the design elements.

Being involved from the very beginning allows us to identify the best opportunities for designing to fit your needs and to create value in the property.

We can easily and clearly see the property potential to fit your needs

We will review properties for you to ensure it is the right fit, and educate you on how each room could be utilized for your lifestyle, rather than how it is staged. We would focus on three areas to do this: Good Bones, Functionality, Aesthetics.

Knowing the intimate details of what you require will allow us to provide quick feedback on potential properties that you may be interested in. Using our expert design eye, we will be able to see the “after” vision that you need to see the potential of what the property could be.

We can easily and clearly see the property potential for investment

Many home buyers will skip over real estate that needs a renovation, especially if it’s a large-scale project, but there is great value in real estate when you take on a revamp - especially in high ticket rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. By educating you on what you can get in a property by doing a renovation, we can give you the confidence to put an offer on a property that may require a large, or small, renovation, as well as support you throughout that remodeling process.

We can assist in determining the projected renovation cost of the property. By being able to provide this information to you, you can see the big picture and understand the investment required. You can view the renovation possibilities with excitement with a long term plan in place, instead of being afraid of taking on a modernization or restoration.

We can also see which houses that may not show well but are a good investment and we can provide accurate estimates for the renovation and decor required for your new space.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a home is a big decision and it can feel daunting, especially when you are purchasing your forever home or dream house. If you are looking for assistance in finding your dream home, we encourage you to book a discovery call with us to determine how we can best assist you and your real estate agent in this process.

If you are a real estate agent who is interested in partnering with us on behalf of your clients, we encourage you to book a collaboration call so we can discuss our mutual partnership and how we can make the home search process easier for everyone involved.


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