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The Case for Custom: 3 Reasons to Consider Custom Furniture and Upholstery

Updated: May 4, 2023

Custom furniture may not have crossed your mind until now, but consider this. How many times have you seen the same sofa or coffee table show up across various homes on Instagram or Facebook? How often have you seen the same decor in multiple of your friends’ homes?

Probably a little more often than you'd like.

Many retailers offer furniture and decor options with mass appeal…and the masses always buy. The problem this creates is that everyone’s home ends up looking the same.

So what is the solution? Simply put - custom furniture and upholstery. When you take the time to find a custom option for your home, you add personality, dimension, and style that cannot be found in store-bought pieces.

If you’re ready for a uniquely styled and furnished home that will remain stylish and true to your nature for decades – without looking like a copycat of your best friend’s home – read on for more reasons to consider custom furniture and upholstery.

At AMR Design, we work with local artisans and craftsman to bring you custom furniture and upholstery that is not only stylish but built to last. Contact us today to discuss how custom furniture fits into your design plan.

1. Custom Equals Character

To begin customizing your home, start with the details that matter, the ones that provide both style and function. While upholstered furniture is available everywhere, they all tend to have similar designs and fabric choices. Make yours different and ensure that it flows with your other decor and furniture items by requesting custom upholstery.

Custom furniture brings character into your design. Your home is a reflection of you, so why not use custom furniture and upholstery as an opportunity to showcase your personal style? Whether you prefer classic, modern, or mid-century design, custom furniture will give your home the look you desire. It will also add a touch of luxury, making your home feel more like a custom abode and less like everyone else’s.

We’ll work with you to choose the perfect fabric that meets your needs (stain-resistant, durability, luxury, etc) while completing your design. There are so many options available that we’re confident we can find the perfect custom solution for your home.

The variety of fabric that is available to designers (wholesale) is much greater than what is available in the retail market. Working with a designer means you have access to these additional choices.

Contact us to discuss how to get started on that statement piece that no one else will have!

2. Custom Furniture = Handcrafted Pieces

Whether your home is ultra-modern, minimal, or farmhouse-traditional, handcrafted furniture will always bring an elevated presence. When you choose custom furniture, you are choosing quality materials and construction that will stand the test of time – unlike cheaply made, store-bought decor.

Handcrafted furniture also has a unique story. Unlike big-box store pieces, custom furniture is often made by local artisans using sustainable materials. At AMR Design, we take pride in working with local craftsmen to bring you custom furniture that fits your style while supporting your community.

Custom wood furniture pieces that last a lifetime can be passed through to the next generation, can be re-upholstered as the times change, and carries a legacy all the while.

Let's consider just one example. This chair of our clients was in great shape but just wasn’t the right style for their home.

our clients custom furniture did not fit into her new style.

We had the chair professionally painted and re-upholstered to bring it back to life and to complement their current style.

We also had the fabric treated with Crypton for durability and stain resistance.

updating your custom furniture can breathe new life into an old piece.

If you are looking to get some custom upholstery done and need help deciding which pieces are best for this investment, we suggest you book a consultation with us!

3. Design Is In The Details

Custom craftsmanship provides what mass-produced items simply cannot: Design details, character, uniqueness, and longevity. The fact is, the smallest details sometimes make the biggest impact when looking at your design as a whole.

From adding studs, curves, and unique upholstery patterns to your custom sofa to creating something new out of a much-loved antique or flea market find, your home doesn’t need to look like it was furnished by an assembly line, but by artisans that care about their craft and care about your home.

custom furniture blue velvet couch in modern eclectic living room with local artwork

We had the beautiful blue velvet sofa in the photo above custom-made for our clients in 2015 still looks brand new today due to performance fabric, high-end filling and premium inner framing.

Custom Furniture: Create Your Own Heirloom

When it comes to furniture, many people choose pieces based on price and style, without considering how long the furniture will last. If you don’t have many furniture pieces from generations past, be the one to start again. The custom furniture you invest in today will become the items your family handles with care for generations.

However, investing in custom furniture can create a legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation. Custom furniture is made to last, with high-quality materials and construction that will stand the test of time.

In addition, with custom furniture, you can choose your favourite woods, fabrics, and finishes to create a piece that is truly unique. By investing in custom furniture, you can create a legacy that will be cherished for years to come.

At AMR Design, we want to reflect your unique personality in every detail. That is why we encourage our clients to invest in custom furniture that is tailored to their specific needs and taste.

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