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Why We Love The Frame TV

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

As interior designers, we are always looking for innovative products and materials that can enhance our clients' lives and we have regularly been suggesting an addition that we believe can help clients with that famous question of whether or not to have a television in their living rooms.

Historically, we haven’t been fans of including a television set in a living room. With a traditional television that sits off most of the time, we create a black hole in the living room that becomes an unintended focal point. There have been other options to disguise a television, such as adding it into a cabinet with doors, but when we discovered the Samsung Frame TV, we became convinced that this is the best way to get the aesthetics of a fully curated living room, as well as the option to watch television in your living room.

As a “designer TV”, the Samsung Frame TV is encased with a picture frame, of which there are many different colour and material options available to customize to your unique living room colour palette. When the TV is not being used to watch shows and movies, it can be put into ArtMode, which allows you to display artwork, photos, paintings etc. instead of the big black void. While ArtMode does require a bit more power than sitting in off mode, it means that the TV becomes a multi-use product with endless options to update your artwork.

Within ArtMode, you can access global collections of artwork such as collections from the Tate Gallery in the United Kingdom and the Van Gogh Museum in The Netherlands. Our Principal Designer, Brenda, uses her Frame TV to stream family photos in her living room when the kids are not using it for Netflix.

The Frame TV also comes available with a No Gap Wall Mount, which allows it to sit flush with the wall, creating an even more realistic piece of artwork. We have also used it mounted on an art easel for a more casual aesthetic. Overall, we believe that the Samsung Frame TV is a designer's new best friend and we frequently recommend this to our clients as a great alternative to a traditional tv set in their living room spaces!

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