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Our Process

We believe that a beautiful home should align with your taste, your lifestyle, and your achievements. While the end result is important, we believe the process matters too.


For our clients, a professional process and flawless execution are as important as the inspired design, so all three of these goals define our practice.

Full Service Design may or may not include construction, but it means we are involved from concept to completion where we create a holistic plan including design, decor and furniture.  We have worked hard to create a process that allows us to work effectively while maintaining frequent contact with our clients.

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Phase 1


Inquiry Form: How can we help you?


This is the first step in launching your project. We ask you to fill out our Inquiry Form so that we can learn more about your project. Our Principal Designer will review it and contact you within 48 hours to discuss your design needs and make a quick plan of how to move forward with your project. Once we have had a chance to discuss your needs, we can book an initial consultation to launch your project.

Initial Consultation: Getting to know you

Every full service design project with AMR Design begins with a 2 1/2 hour working meeting with all decision makers involved. Whether life partners or the owners of the business, you will all meet with our Principal and Intermediate Designers. Design is a personal experience and it is important that we get to know our clients as well as how they want their space to look and function. We will use this time productively to determine your dreams and desires for your home or business, provide you with guidance and recommendations, discuss timelines and budgets, and allow you to see our firm members as their authentic working selves. 

We use all this in-depth information gathered to create a scope of work which will launch the project effectively. At this meeting, we will look at the overall home or business room by room, and we will discuss the way you want the home or office to function, any fixtures and furniture you wish to be included, as well as review your lifestyle and personal style. At this point we’ll have a good understanding of what you need our help with and what services we can deliver to best move your project forward. We will also share our agreement and go through it with you line by line to ensure we begin our relationship with transparency.


After receipt of the signed agreement and retainer, we move onto our next phase in the design process.

For more information on what to expect at your Initial Consultation, see this blog post.

Phase 2



This is where our greatest value begins. It’s where we take in all of your input and desires, consider the location and architecture of your home or office and the needs of your family or corporate team. We envision your project from all facets, making sure that your space flows from one room to another, that the design will fit your lifestyle, family, and aesthetic, as well as the character of the architectural structure. 

This is the time to start thinking about hiring a contractor. We have trusted contractors that we have worked with for many years, but we also love meeting new qualified contractors as well. We have the expertise to advise you what questions to ask and what to look for in a good contractor and who will have your best interest at heart. We will be your advocate and advisor during the process. The decision to hire any contractor will be entirely yours.

During this phase, we will confirm the general design direction, layout, and investment estimate of the project. Our design team develops drawings to strategize and resolve any known issues, as well as to address your style and functional needs based on your budget and timeframe for completion. We present these ideas to you in person, preferably onsite, or at our design studio and go through all the features and options so you understand the reasoning behind the design. 

For more information on what to expect during Conceptual Design, see this blog post.

Phase 3


Detailed Design: The Vision Becomes Clear

After conceptual design, our team digs into the details. Detailed elevations, sketches for custom pieces, and a lot of sourcing dominate this time. In this phase, we complete selections in accordance with the approved inspiration we shared earlier, and finalize floor plans. Then, we propose all items for your approval with a complete summary of the design components in our detailed design presentation. There, you will see each fabric, finish, and detail that we have carefully selected for you.


During this time, there may be some revisions and back and forth work, but once the final decisions have been made, you have signed off and deposits have been received, we can move onto our next phase.

For more information on what to expect during Detailed Design, see this blog post.

Phase 4

Design Management:  The Dream Becomes Reality

While we don’t provide general contracting services, we are a resource to you and a liason for the process to go smoothly and result in a space that fulfills your vision.

If your project includes a renovation, this is when the construction begins. We liaise with your general contractor and trades to maintain the integrity of the project, and ensure that the right materials are being installed as designed. New construction and remodeling projects are very involved, and it helps to have a checks and balance system to keep the project on track. The idea is for everyone involved to work together for the common goal of producing a beautiful and high quality product that you will love and enjoy for years to come. 

During the design management phase, we will be having regular site meetings and walkthroughs. We will also be taking care of ordering, tracking, receiving and inspecting all the design products for your home. 

Once the construction is complete, we arrange for delivery of all the furniture and decor and set up everything so you can return home to a finished space. We will also book a completion walk through with you as well as time to take some photographs (either with a professional or with an AMR firm member).

For more information on what to expect during Design Management, see this blog post.

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