Working with AMR Design

We believe in helping our clients create safe havens that are a reflection of their lives, their dreams and their desires. Whether you need a fully executed plan for a whole home renovation or new build project, or just some advice on furniture layout, we can help with that! We offer a range of services so that no matter your design goals, AMR Design can help you achieve them.

Let us help you create the home of your dreams.

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Full Service Interior Design

This is our speciality! We offer a turn-key, Full Service Interior Design service where we aim to exceed your expectations.

Full Service Design refers to a whole home, whole room or a block of rooms, where we create a design plan from construction (if required) to the furnishing and final decorating. We manage every detail from concept to final installation so you do not need to lift a finger. We know you are busy and you have many things to coordinate in your life – let the experts take care of your project so you can do whatever you do best!

Our Full Service Design starts off with a complimentary discovery call, after which you can book an Initial Consultation.


How can we help you? 

This is the first step in launching your project. We offer a free 15 minute phone call with our principal designer to discuss your design needs, decide if we are a good fit, and make a quick plan of how to move forward with your project. Once we have had a chance to discuss your needs, we can book an initial consultation to launch your project or sign you up for a power session.

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Are you starting a new project either by renovating, decorating or building a new home? Or perhaps you are looking for assistance for your business? This consultation is a working meeting in which our Principal Designer will come to your house or place of business, take a look at the areas you need help with, offer ideas, and gain a sense of understanding for the scope of work you want to accomplish.

If meeting at your home or business does not work for you (or it’s not built yet!), we can meet at our office or a place where you feel comfortable so we can discuss your project.  During this two-hour consultation, we can determine the priorities of your project, as well as a scope of work to launch the project effectively. We will also present you with our contract and go over every detail so we can begin our new relationship with transparency and mutual understanding.

For more information on our Full-Service Interior Design Process Click Here.

If you are looking for a DIY approach, you may purchase a Power Session package after completing an Initial Consultation.

Power Sessions for DIY Clients

Power Sessions are a great option if you want some design advice, need assistance for a short time or want to execute the project management yourself. If you want expert advice but do not require Full-Service Design, then a Power Session will be a great fit.

Please Note: There is NO project management available for Power Sessions and these sessions should only be booked if you are planning to execute the design yourself.
This service is simply for design advice.

There are a variety of ways you can use Power Sessions to your advantage. Some ideas are below. Power Sessions are offered in 5 or 10-hour increments.

Ask-A-Designer Consultation

Have you ever wished you had a friend who was an interior designer so you could call them up and ask them for some advice regarding a small project like where to put the couch or how to style bookshelves or even how to set up a table for a big dinner? We can help with that!

During the two-hour consultation, we can help answer any questions you have regarding interior design! After the Initial Consultation, if you still need assistance, you can purchase a Power Session in 5 or 10-hour increments.

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Staging Consultation

Are you selling your home or opening your space for a vacation rental? We would love to help you decide on ways to stage your property to highlight its best features! We can create a plan that will leave you feeling empowered and excited to execute the ideas we share with you. 

During the two-hour consultation, we can discuss overall layout, the kitchen, bathrooms, window treatments, decorating, organizing, light fixtures, the basement and curb appeal. After the Initial Consultation, if you still need assistance, you can purchase a Power Session in 5 or 10-hour increments.

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Prospective Property Consultation 

Are you buying a home and wondering what renovations may be possible or necessary? Concerned about where to put the couch?  We can help with that! Bringing a professional interior designer to your prospective property can help determine if the property can be renovated the way you imagine and within your budget or help you determine the best way to layout your new dream home. 

During the two-hour consultation, we can discuss floor plans, the kitchen, bathrooms, windows, window treatments, flooring, stairs and railing, light fixtures, appliances, basement and the exterior. After the Initial Consultation, if you still need assistance, you can purchase a Power Session in 5 or 10-hour increments.

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Contractors and Builders

We operate our business with honesty and integrity, and the utmost care and respect for our clients and their needs. Our reputation for excellence is widely known in the community, but if you are not familiar with our firm, we would love the opportunity to prove that your clients are in great hands with us.

Here at AMR Design we truly believe in the power of collaboration to ultimately deliver quality products and services to our clients, to enhance their lives and their experience working with us. We have streamlined our processes to make the design/build process go as smoothly as possible. With Brenda’s strong background in construction and research, we understand how to service our clients with reasonable and well thought out solutions to even the toughest challenges.

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Give The Gift of a Well Styled Home (Gift Certificates)

Give the gift of a well styled home with
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If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please email and provide the following information:

  • The amount you would like to gift (You can choose any denomination. Currently our Power Sessions cost $250.00+gst and our Initial Consultation costs $550.00+gst *Prices subject to change*)
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