What to Expect Series: Session 12: The Particulars of Paint

While every renovation and new build is different, one thing you can count on being the same is that painting will be involved! This can be a (relatively) quick and inexpensive way to revamp an old space or add life to your home. Interior Designers love using paint to enhance a space, add personality or […]

What to Expect Series: Session 10: Planning Your Decorating Project {Part 2}

As designers, we strive to make each home as unique as our clients. This task is not so easy if we always resorted to retail and big box stores which is why we LOVE doing custom furniture. Not only can our clients decide on fabric type, pattern, and colour, but they can also often customize […]

What to Expect Series: Session 9: Planning Your Decorating Project {Part 1}

Whether your renovation is off to a good start, or you’re planning a smaller scale project, planning your decorating project is an essential step to get that finished look that we are all after. We believe that homeowners should plan for finishing each space to completion including furniture and decorating so that you can truly […]

What to Expect Series: Session 7: Hardscape Design

You’ve heard of landscape design, but did you know that hardscape design is something that an interior designer can help you with? Unlike the softscape portion of landscape design, which involves plants, trees, shrubs etc., hardscape design focuses on the “hard” materials that will last for many years such as stone, brick, facades, brickwork, walkways, […]

What to Expect Series: Session 6: Framing

Whether you are planning a large renovation, a new build, or even a smaller renovation, you will likely encounter some framing that needs to be completed. Framing can be structural or non-structural, but doing it properly is crucial to starting your project off right. Below is more information on types of framing, why it is […]

What to Expect Series: Session 5: The Details of Demolition

When embarking on a large renovation, there is usually some demolition involved. While this stage can sometimes happen quite quickly, there are some situations where it can be delayed and the cost can increase. As interior designers, we do not deal with the demolition ourselves, rather, that is the responsibility of your General Contractor. We […]

What to Expect Series: Session 4: Finish Selections in Renovations

The finish selection process is an exciting, fun, and sometimes stressful experience. If you have been through a renovation before, you may have reached this point and found yourself developing “decision fatigue.” Considering the sheer amount of possibilities when it comes to items to put into your home (from flooring and cabinets, to toilet paper […]

What to Expect Series: Session 3: The Details of Drafting

If you are embarking on a renovation or new build, then you are bound to run into a discussion about drafting. Floor plans, Sections, Drawings, Renderings … There are many different terms to understand prior to diving into what each drawing communicates. Below are some definitions of the most commonly used terms: One of the […]