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MCM Makeover

Oak, brass, and a green-marbled fireplace - while it sounds alluring in theory, the “before” pictures of this reno show a traditional home in need of a modern transformation. In love with the mid-century modern look, our homeowners longed to create a space that felt authentic to them and where no room would be left dormant or undesirable. 


Today, custom teak built-ins throughout pay homage to the home’s inviting architecture while providing functional storage space with clean lines. We transformed the previously unused sunroom into a family-friendly, welcoming space that is now a favourite in-home hangout, featuring a Malm fireplace and cedar ceiling to create warmth that says, “welcome home.” 


Our highlights - 

  • Heated stone floors that complement the warm wood tones 

  • A kitchen wall of appliances balanced by oversized windows for outdoor views 

  • Sleek furniture, brick accents and curved edges that ooze a mid-century mood

MCM Makeover.webp


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