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AMR Design's Christmas 2023 Ultimate Local Gift Buying Guide

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The spirit of togetherness, warmth, and love that Christmas brings is best expressed through thoughtful gifts that resonate with our loved ones.

Our Christmas 2023 gift buying guide spotlights remarkable local vendors who not only offer luxury, quality and service but also champion an unwavering commitment towards our vibrant community.

Why not make gift giving as magical of a shopping experience that celebrates Edmonton's finest artists, designers, and food connoisseurs.

Here's a glimpse of some of our favourite local vendors awaiting you

Kelly Wollf

Discover your loved one's signature style with Kelly Wollf's elegant collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

As a fashion haven with a sophisticated blend of European flair and contemporary design, their expertly curated items never fail to impress. Give the gift of splendid fashion and make this Christmas truly unforgettable.

Studio June

Studio June came into existence as a platform for exploration and a desire to share creativity with the world. It's a space where the focus is on crafting beautiful objects that celebrate the natural world and that radiate a welcoming charm. The studio is affectionately named after Christine's feline companion, Junior, who loves to keep her company while creating

Present your loved ones with the gift of treasured moments through Studio June’s carefully crafted ceramic and hooked rug creations. Each unique piece represents exceptional craftsmanship and passion for detail, making it a heartfelt and timeless gift choice this holiday season

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

A registered charity near and dear to Brenda's heart, ACWS is the provincial network organization of domestic violence shelters in Alberta. They bring four decades of experience and knowledge to serve 40 members who operate over 50 shelters across the province for women, their children, and seniors facing domestic abuse. ACWS advocates for its members and works with them to end domestic violence through culture-shifting violence prevention programs, collective data and research, and front-line training. With support from ACWS, Alberta shelters are helping to provide safety, support families, and improve communities.

Refuge Bay

Refuge Bay is currently Alberta’s only four-season glamping destination, with hundreds of acres of land to explore. Take in all that nature has to offer in this unique getaway, without the need for camping gear or busy campgrounds.

Escape and unplug, even in the snowiest days, while you explore the gorgeous parkland landscape & private lake. The area has plenty of wildlife to keep you entertained, so bring your camera or binoculars. Choose from an Ignis Dome or Luxury Tiny Home cozy up and ensure to take advantage of the wood barrel sauna included.

Gift your loved one a private off-grid getaway today!

Malina Bakery

Upon stepping into Malina Baker, one is immediately struck by a delightful array of pastries carrying exotic names – from Pampushki to Horishki. Each pastry, rich in flavor and generously adorned with toppings, holds a world of indulgence. Since its inception, this Ukrainian bakery and café has emerged as a beloved beacon in Cameron Heights' west-end neighborhood, offering not only the beloved pierogi and borscht but also a bounty of traditional Ukrainian pastries and cakes.

This festive season, Malina Bakery promises a delightful journey of sweet indulgence and culinary crafts from Eastern Europe

Serenity Stone Tables

Discover a harmony of nature and design with the Serenity Collection from AMR Design. This unique table line seamlessly blends the raw elegance of natural materials including stone and wood, infusing any space with a serene, organic charm. Every item in our Serenity Collection has been crafted with utmost attention to every detail by local artisans and embodies a fine union of beauty and sophistication.

The Serenity Collection includes a variety of custom tables like console tables, coffee tables, and side tables. Whether it's the Serenity Stone Console Table that adds timeless grace to your room, the Stone Side Table that lets you customize with a myriad of stones like onyx or quartzite, or the Stone Coffee Table, the cornerstone of any well-designed living space, every piece exudes a unique charm.

Our community in Edmonton and surrounding areas are brimming with incredible artists, creatives, and food enthusiasts who embody the spirit of unity, passion, and authenticity. Their vision for excellence adds life to our cityscape and weaves our community together. This Christmas, let's celebrate and support these incredible talents by choosing gifts that not only bring joy to our loved ones, but uplift these local gems as well.

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From all of us at AMR Design, we wish you a magical Christmas filled with love, laughter, and an abundance of memories to cherish forever.


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