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An Ode To The Trends We Love

Our mantra when designing clients’ homes and businesses is “You In Every Detail”, so we don’t pay too much attention to the trends. We design homes based on our clients’ wish lists and add in a bunch of functionality along with it. But there are still trends we love and enjoy, and today we are going to share some of our most favourite current and past trends!


For a while, the trend was to have everything open and sightlines clear. Many newly built spec homes are designed this way but more and more custom builders are trying to create cozy corners in their builds. The pandemic is teaching us that we all need our own little space in our homes and adding in these creative little nooks helps achieve that. We used this theory in practice when we designed this cozy banquette.


There is a reason Mid Century Modern keeps coming back (or has never really gone away…)! iT is a truly stunning design that ages well. According to the article 5 Things You Should Know About the Mid-Century Modern Style:

 “The distinguishing features of this style consist of a classic, understated look, and clean lines with minimal fuss.

  1. Functionality is important, as form follows function

  2. Uncluttered and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms

  3. Minimal ornamentation

  4. An exploration of different traditional as well as non-traditional materials

  5. The juxtaposition of different, and sometimes contrasting materials”

We have designed a number of homes to follow this concept and style and they usually end up being some of our favourites!


We are big fans of colour and if you have been a client of ours, you probably had Brenda nudge you in the direction of more colour. We have so many endless possibilities when it comes to adding in pops of colour into our homes and we want our clients to take the leap! 

While monochromatic spaces can be beautiful, it always helps to inject the space with colourful accents or patterned pillows. These items breathe life into a room and add interest to what can sometimes be viewed as an otherwise stagnant area.

Did your favourite trend make the list? What trends do you love? Which ones do you think are here to stay?

We would love to hear from you!

Drop a line below in the comments section!


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