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Father’s Day: Celebrations & Renovations for Him

Do you know the history behind the holiday? The first Father’s Day celebration took place over one hundred years ago in 1908 but didn’t become a nationally recognized holiday until 1924 (sorry, guys!). Some say the first celebration took place in Washington state, while others claim the first day to commemorate fatherhood was held in West Virginia.

What Does Father's Day Mean To You?

Celebrating dad for Fathers Day

Regardless of where it began, Father’s Day in the modern age has become synonymous with cookouts, golf, and sunshine. We hope your Father’s Day is filled with fun and family.

To honor the dads in your life, we’re sharing our top tips for helping them feel cared for and appreciated both on their special day and beyond–because we all need some TLC in our lives.

Collaborate with us on a Man Cave

Imagine writing a sweet note to that man in your life and slipping it inside a traditional Father’s Day card. Picture the look on his face when he reads it and discovers that he’s getting a new space just for him in the following months.

Thrilling, right?

We can help you design a man cave, home office, library, or even a new garage to provide a place for him to relax and work on his hobbies. Contact us to ask about our gift certificate options.

Scroll through our work on the Oiler’s Fan Caves below. (We can customize this for dad’s favorite team!)

These Fan caves were created in collaboration with AMR Interior Design,

Coventry Homes and the Oilers Entertainment Group.

oiler's fan cave

fathers day man cave

fathers day man cave

blue oilers fan cave

fathers day man cave

oilers fan cave

trendy oilers fan cave

hockey themed basement

Host a BBQ...

…and ask each guest to write down what they appreciate about the dad in their life.

celebrate dad with a fathers day bbq

Guaranteed to be a tear-jerker, this party game allows each guest to say, in two sentences or less, what they appreciate most about the dad in their life. Perhaps their dad isn’t present – that’s okay. This is a time to celebrate the fathers whom we wish were still here, those who came into our lives at a later time and are with us now

DESIGN TIP: Masculine decor

Popular and attractive decor can still be masculine–think brass, leather and earth tones.

Use a variety of materials and textures to add depth to the space through area rugs and window treatments.

mid century modern fireplace

A dad isn’t necessarily someone with whom you share DNA; rather, he is someone who has been your role model and source of unconditional support. That, dear friends, is worth celebrating.

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