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What to Expect Series: Session 11: The Marvels of Millwork

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If you have been following along with our What To Expect Series from the beginning, you can probably tell by now that we are big fans of going custom. This is because the options are nearly endless for what you can do, and you can create the exact look you are after that is customized to your space. For designers, going custom seems like a no brainer – especially when it comes to millwork.

Millwork typically means any type of woodwork that is produced in a mill or wood shop. It often refers to moldings, trim work, built in cabinets, and sometimes custom furniture, however, when you work with a designer, we can offer many other ideas of what we can do to enhance your space with custom millwork.


Perhaps a better question is, what do you WANT to create? If you can dream it, we can do it! Below is just a sampling of custom millwork we have created for our clients:

  1. Fireplace mantles

  2. Built-in cabinets

  3. Mirror/Art inserts

  4. Sculpture Display

  5. Storage cabinets

  6. Barn Doors

  7. Furniture (nightstands, beds, coffee tables, dining tables etc.)

  8. Wall Features (moldings, trim work, feature walls)

When designing for our clients, we will often sketch out ideas and then send them to our local woodworking vendors to create. The creative process goes back and forth regarding dimensions, materials, colours, etc. until we have a final product decided on and then our vendors get to work creating the magic. The same vendors often also install the finished product in our clients homes – ensuring that the process is streamlined from start to finish. Not only does this generate a quality piece that serves a function in your home, but it supports local craftsmen who are filled with talent. 

Custom Bed in production at Waygood’s Kitchens Inc.

Close up of custom bed in production at Waygood’s Kitchens Inc.

Finished bed product by Waygood’s Kitchens Inc.


Planning ahead for these things is essential if the custom millwork will be attached to interior walls – like in the case of fireplace mantles, barn doors, built in cabinets, wall features and even some types of furniture. We will often design the millwork as part of our rendering packages  because the millwork installation will affect the location of other elements as well – like electrical outlets and switches, floor vents, and gas lines.

When considering these things, it is imperative that your designer has an understanding how the piece will be produced and installed. For example, a barn door will need to have backing in the wall to support the track. This is most easily done at the framing stage of your project.


The installation process will be different for each type of millwork you are installing and the prep work can change too. Some pieces may need to be adjusted and cut to fit on site, while other elements may just be brought in and installed (like a barn door). Depending on how well you planned in advance, this process can be quick and painless, or can require some back and forth to get it right. It often isn’t too messy of a job either, however, sometimes vendors choose to adjust and customize on site. This can produce some dust and debris, but is often quite minimal.


Next week we are discussing one of our most asked about elements – paint! People are often surprised by how long the painting process can take so we are going to explain exactly why that is the case, as well as talk a bit about colour philosophy and painting those 90’s oak kitchen cabinets!


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