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What to Expect Series: Session 8: The Reality of Rough In’s

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Once the framing is complete, it is time to work on the rough-ins. This phase can definitely seem to take a while, but proper planning and knowledge of your end goal can help you save money and ensure you get what you truly want out of your renovation.


If you want to customize your home to your specific needs, it’s important to have a plan on how you will use the space when it is finished. For example, if you have a built in desk or media unit, you will need to have the electrical rough ins higher up in order to access the electrical outlet and have task lamps placed appropriately. 

You should keep in mind the size of your bed so you can ensure that your electrical outlets are appropriately placed for your side table lamps and charging needs.

Consider where would it may make sense to have wall sconces in your home and how high off the floor they should be.

If you have or are thinking of getting an electric vehicle, consider adding an outlet with higher voltage to your garage. 

The beauty of doing a renovation is that you are able to customize these elements for you and your family. Take the time now and ensure that these speciality electrical requirements are considered prior to the drywall going up.


Another element that has room for customization is your plumbing locations. If you are looking to have a rain style shower head,  will it be mounted on a wall or the ceiling? Making the decision on what kinds of fixtures you want early on will help avoid costly changes that could delay your renovation. Some other considerations regarding plumbing fixtures are:

  1. Do you want your shower controls on the same wall as the shower head, or will it be easier to reach from another wall?

  2. What about separate controls for saving your favorite temperature when you turn on the water?

  3. Would you like a handheld shower on a slide bar in addition to a stationary shower head, and where would this be best located?

  4. Would you prefer a steam shower? What about body sprays?

  5. Do you require a bench seat?


We have a walk through at framing with the cabinet maker, electrician, and plumber to ensure all rough ins are set for the proper locations, lowering the chance of expensive changes being made later in the project.  It can be helpful to have an interior designer along for a plumbing or electrical walk through because it is our job to see the bigger picture. We always aim to attend these walkthroughs with our clients so we can assist in these decisions and provide insight.

We can suggest more practical placement for these rough-ins as well as customize ideas for you and your family. There are options out there that the general public does not even know about so if you can dream it, we can probably do it!


Next week we will dive into planning a decorating project. We will discuss working with an artist for a commissioned art piece, wallpaper installations, and window coverings!


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