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Behind The Design: Working For AMR Design

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We often talk about our process and our designs, but we talk about ourselves a lot less. As a firm that is expanding into a new larger office space in 2022, we are looking to grow our team even more. To provide a glimpse of what it is like to work at AMR Design, we put together this blog post that is a behind the scenes dive into what it is like to work for our luxury full service interior design firm.


Our firm members all have schedules that work best for them. Whether you are looking to work part time in the office and part time at home, or even from the cabin in the summer, we have ways of creating flexible schedules that work for us individually and as a team. The Covid-19 Pandemic made us even more appreciative that we can do most of our work remotely when required.


“I always believe that we should help stay at home mom’s re-enter the workforce. I spent years

juggling my kids and my business before I was able to put my full attention to my business on a daily basis. I understand the struggles of returning to work after being home for 1, 2 even 10 years and I want to help women re-ignite their careers in whatever way I can”

Multiple AMR Staff came to our firm after staying home full time to raise their children. As a group of parents who “have been there”, we understand that family comes first and sometimes you need to be home with your child because they got sick. Life happens. AMR Design is there to support you when you need it most.

Of course, AMR Design hires other qualified team members that are not parents as well.


We truly are a fun team of women! We approach projects with a collaborative approach across designers, decorators, marketing and administrative staff. The support you will receive from other team members is always available. We collaborate every Monday during a team meeting where we get a chance to discuss each project stage, as well as what the best parts of the previous week were and what exciting things are coming up.


We are always trying to grow and improve, and that includes our team’s skills. We regularly take

part in product knowledge sessions, team building exercises and coursework to enhance our skills.


We always close over the winter holidays for two weeks (the same two weeks that Edmonton Public Schools close) to provide our team with some much needed time off with their families - our

Christmas obsessed Intermediate Designer, Alexis wouldn’t have it any other way!

In addition to the time off we take off during the holidays and other statutory days off, firm members also are encouraged and expected to be completely off the clock once their work day or week has finished (although some of us are still trying to get a hang of letting go…)


Our firm members regularly collaborate with artists, artisans and local makers to create one of a kind designs for our clients. When you are a part of the AMR design team, you are a part of creating something one-of-a-kind and as unique as our clients. No cookie cutter designs here!


Brenda, Our Principal Designer and Founder, started AMR | Design 10 years ago. In her previous life, she was a molecular geneticist. While her type A personality loved the process of working in a lab, it wasn’t enough of a creative outlet for her, and she missed more tactile tasks and working closely with clients, so she left the field and went back to school to get her certificate in Interior Design

Suzanne, Our Office Manager, is the life of the party. It seems that everywhere Suzanne goes, she knows someone through another contact. Her friendly and upbeat personality always encourages our team members to work together and support each other.

Kara, Our Procurement and Logistics Coordinator, is a transplanted Friendly Manitoban with a Bachelor in Commerce degree. Before taking 16 years to be a stay-at-home mom, she worked in banking, government communications and scheduling with a large printing company. When not working Kara spends a great deal of her time coaching hockey and softball and she makes one heck of a cookie.

Alexis, Our Intermedia Designer, realized her passion for interior design stemmed from building houses in The Sims during her childhood, which has since grown into a love for transforming floor plans in AutoCAD. A devout foodie, Alexis often out-eats anyone else on the team and her love for Japanese culture and food has led her to take a course to learn Japanese.

Christine, Our Intermediate Designer, has always been drawn to creative ways of expressing herself whether it was the 15 years of ballet and tap dancing, or the frequent re-arranging and re-inventing of any space she has lived in. She began her journey in the creative industry working as a graphic designer for 5 years before transitioning to interior design. In her spare time she likes to work with textiles through knitting, sewing, weaving or rug hooking.

If you are looking to grow and expand your career, we ask that you visit our careers page for current opportunities:


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